Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District

Our mission at Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District is to provide safe, high quality drinking water to our customers. We strive to upgrade and improve our facilities and equipment to efficiently and safely serve our customers and to meet the constantly changing, more stringent regulations that govern our industry. Please call our office to report or discuss any of your water quality concerns. If you notice changes in taste, color, or odor of your water, please report it to us immediately. For example, customers may notice that their water has a milky or cloudy appearance when we have to repair water main leaks or have outages that require us to flush and clean the mainline. This is caused by any air bubbles present in the water from the flushing and cleaning of the line. This is a normal occurrence and should clear up within the day. If it does not clear up after a normal days usage, please contact us.

Ider Tank
Adams Pump Station
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Liberty Hill Pump Station
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Water Treatment Plant Membranes
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